Combining both classic and contemporary motifs, this rich bolivian rosewood, ash, white oak and mahogany, is 36” in diameter.
Based on compass designs found on ancient maps, our 36” medallion constructed of African mahogany, maple, walnut, and wenge creates a three dimensional effect.
Simply yet elegant, we artfully combined four species santos mahogany, red oak, American walnut and maple.
Our most intricate design, beautifully detailed and graceful, this medallion achieves a ballet like effect using red oak, walnut, African mahogany, wenge, purpleheart, bloodwood and yellowheart.
The striking appeal of our world renowned galaxy medallion is both intriguing and sophisticated. Created in bolivian rosewood, ash and birds eye maple.
This 36” diameter medallion tastefully blends red oak, maple and mahogany with walnut to create a pleasant combination of geometric designs.
The composition of both classic and contemporary theme, this rich medallion is joined with wenge, maple, ash, bubinga, American walnut, purpleheart and bolivian rosewood and its 36” in diameter.
You can use this 36” diameter medallion for either your formal or informal interiors. Made with resistant red oak, walnut, wenge and mahogany.
This eye catching old western medallion is adorned in wenge, American cherry, bolivian rosewood and ash.
Perfect for the sophisticated hallway or dining room, this 36”medallion combines maple, walnut, Brazilian cherry, and wenge in a modern eye catching design.

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