About Us

Conquer Floors, of Jersey City, NJ, is dedicated to provide excellent care to our customers because they are the reason our company has grown with success, and as we grow larger so does the appreciation we have for our customers.

Conquer Floors has been helping all of its customers to make the right decision when it comes to flooring projects in their home’s and business’s for many years. We have been bringing to New Jersey and New York the best products, prices and service for years, and it’s just going to get better and better as time goes on! We have a wide range of different wood products you can chose from.

We have a great appreciation for beautiful hardwood floors. Each strip of wood is completely unique in it’s markings and character. Not only do hardwood floors add warmth and beauty to a home, they also add to the structural integrity. It gives us great pleasure to take old, damaged flooring and make it look like new.

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